We offer specialty coffee

The selection of our coffee got an upper score of 80 (out of 100) assigned by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) but not only that .…


The coffee must come from a traceable terroir, whose identity is clean: each coffee has a message to be transmitted according to its origins.


This message is found in cup with many flavors (acidity, bitterness, sucrosity, etc.) and a very wide palette of aromas.

Respect to nature

Our coffee is 100% Arabica plant and our roaster, located closed to Paris is engaged in a high quality approach in the chain production of coffee, respectful of the environment, and valued at its fair value for producers.

A coffee to compose

You will find coffee drinks like classic slats that can be added flavors according to desires (caramel, brownie, matcha, ...). The syrups we use are qualitative.

Almost all the drinks in iced available (in Spring/Summer)

Quality ingredients

Our prepared drinks are qualitative because we use the best ingredients and apply bests recipes up-to-date to consumer tastes and seasons.

Flavours always to explore

You may be a discovery with our Slow Coffee (V60 / CHEMEX) offer.
Les cafés utilisés pour le slow coffee sont davantage mieux notés car ils requièrent une extrême qualité afin d’en exploiter toutes les arômes lors de la filtration et l’extraction.


Vous souhaitez davantage d’informations concernant nos cafés et/ou leur provenance ?