Coworking: working and sharing in a shared workspace

A new way of working and sharing.
I am Hugo and after spending two decades helping companies optimize their IT systems, I decided to do a professional retraining in the coworking world!”
My interest in coworking started when I started working from home. Working for a large group that encouraged remote work, I found that working from home was often a source of distractions. I then discovered the importance of a dedicated environment where you can fully focus on your professional activities. Based on this experience, I decided to create Level Coworking to meet the needs of professionals like me, seeking to combine productivity and conviviality. My aim is to provide places where everyone can work effectively while enjoying a stimulating and collaborative atmosphere.

“Why does work not happen at work?” (Jason Fried) translated to “Why isn't work done in the office?”) : corporate offices can be “enclosing” because they restrict work and innovation capacities.

For freelancers and entrepreneurs, these are very low structural costs that will allow them to quickly develop their business and even find help within the coworking community.

Simply a task, an activity to be carried out? Coworking is the cure for procrastination. You will be able to fully concentrate and achieve what you set out to do.

Coworking, an alternative way of working to work from home

Enjoy the best working conditions in our green coworking space

Human contact

Always available to answer your questions and guide you through every stage of your experience

An adapted environment

The space is ventilated and air-conditioned for better concentration and reflection

A secure network

A fiber optic connection is available, offering a secure high-speed wifi network

A snack on site

Snacks to eat all day

A drink service

Enjoy a varied and quality selection of drinks included

An equipped space

Electrical sockets, printers, scanner available



The coworkers work on the same secure wifi hotspot and beyond that we want to put them in IRL (in real life).

To do this, we intend to organize meetings to present the coworkers, their work, their projects. And by this could interest other people and open up new opportunities or simply make yourself known and learn from other coworkers.

On the community side, we encourage the networking of coworkers through the complementarity of their fields.
Coworkers can drop off their business cards and make themselves known.

A network intranet will allow you to see the member directory.


We offer coworkers all the equipment they need to be able to work. for this, the coworking formula (nomad or member) offers drinks and snacks.

Our green workspace has several space configurations that allow coworkers to change their working position.

We also offer convivial events for sharing and exchanging.

Continuous improvement

Our space must also be evolving and listen to members, take into account comments in order to be able to improve.

To do this, points will be provided to deal with possible improvements to be made as well as new ideas.

We will inform members once the number of members has reached a size that allows comments and ideas to emerge.

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