The coworking is to share a common workspace and more

A new way to work and to share

For freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, coworking is a working method that constantly evolves.

Why Work doesn’t happen at work?” (Jason Fried) could be translated into “Why doesn’t work get done in the office?”: corporate offices can be “confining” because they restrict work and innovation capabilities

For freelancers and entrepreneurs, that will minimize their structure costs and allow them to quickly develop their business and even find help in the coworking community to do so.

Simply a task to do ? Coworking s the solution to procastination. You will fully be able to concentrate and realize what you had plan to do

Coworking, an efficient alternative to the work from home

Enjoy the best conditions of mobile working in our coworking space

Human contact

A person always available to respond to your questions

A snack on site

Snack available all day long

Adapted environment

The space is ventilated and air-conditioned to allow focus and reflection

A service for drinks

Quality and Varied drinks included

A fast and secured network

An optic fiber for a fast and secured Wi-Fi network

Equiped space

Electric plugs, Printer, Scanner, Screen, Projector



The coworkers are working on the same wifi secure hotspot and beyond we want to put introduce them IRL (in real life).

Pour cela nous comptons organiser des réunions de présentations des coworkers, leurs travail, leurs projets. Et par cela pourrait pourrait intéresser d’autres personnes et déboucher de nouvelles opportuinités ou tout simplement se faire connaître et apprendre des autres coworkers.
We encourage the linking of coworkers by their complementary areas.
The coworkers can drop their business card and make themselves known.

Un intranet du réseau permettra de voir l’annuaire des membres.


We offer to coworkers all the necessary equipment in order to work. Drinks and Snacks are included in the price you pay !

Our workspace has planted several configurations space that allows coworkers to change their working position.

Nous proposons aussi des évènements conviviaux de partage et d’échange.

Continuous improvment

Notre espace se doit aussi d’être évolutif et être à l’écoute des membre, prendre en compte des remarques pour pouvoir s’améliorer.

For that it is scheduled points to treat possible improvements and new ideas.

We will notify members when membership reaches a critical size to allow bringing comments and ideas.